Go Green, Save Green with PowerBank

MAP Power Enterprises, Inc. strives to provide the best green energy solutions for your home or small business. We currently offer the PoweBank line of green energy products.

Energy efficiency and green energy in particular, has become a necessity. We believe that all of us together can save our natural resources for the coming generations. MAP Power Enterprises, Inc. is committed to helping people and our planet.

We strive to improve the environment by using electric power more efficiently. We are also committed to improve the quality of life by donating a portion of all sales to charitable causes.

More energy savings products will be added to our product line soon – so keep checking our web site for the latest energy saving devices!

The PowerBank Energy Recycler

  • Plugs into wall outlet - no electrician needed
  • Pays for itself in months
  • 12 month guarantee
  • 20 year warranty
  • Provides surge protection

MAP Power Enterprises, Inc.

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